Hybrid Press Brakes AHYW Yawei made in China

Hybrid Press Brakes AHYW Yawei made in China

What's  are Hybrid Press Brakes?

First came the mechanical press brake.The mechanical press brake took on quite a few forms before it finally became a reliable machine. From first being powered by falling water, then animal-driven, then steam powered, the press brake made the rounds before becoming a fully motorized mechanical marvel.

For the traditional  hydraulic press brake, it too had an illustrious history of design and improvement. In fact, the hydraulic press brake was kind of running out of ways that manufacturers could make theirs different from their competitors. Ta-da, enter stage right, the beginning of a new age, where some press brakes will have a hydraulic system which will not be the only drive on the machine.

Our definition of a “hybrid press brake” is a press brake that has hydraulic and servo drive combined to give the new design unheard of capabilities, just when a new definition of the modern press brake was so urgently needed.

What Does the Future Hold for the Press Brake Operator?

Just about the time you think they can’t come up with another possible improvement to the traditional synchro press brake, along comes the hydraulic and servo motorised hybrid press brake, The benefits to the pressbrake bending operator of a hybrid servo-hydraulic production press brake when compared to a recent model hydraulic-specific machine are stunning!

As these servo motorised hybrid press brakes are exceptionally fast, in many comparisons twice as fast as some of their hydraulic-only competitors. Production improvements of as much as 150% are being realized by the first of the progressive companies that have made the investment.

No less important is the major reduction in operational cost of these new hybrid press brakes. Because of the design of oil on-demand hydraulics coupled with a much smaller hydraulic system, these new hybrid press brakes consume up to 60% less energy by the hour with 15 press cycles per hour.

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