AHYW 4mtr Metal Hydraulic Cutting Machines 6mm

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AHYW 4mtr Metal 6mm hydraulic cutting machines Yawei China manufactures

AHYW 6mm sheet metal guillotine cutting China suppliers

AHYW 6mm plate cutting shearing machine China factory

AHYW 4mtr steel plate cutting machinery forsale made in China

AHYW China made 4m sheet metal hydraulc cutting shears factory

AHYW QC12K NC 4m metal cutting shearing machines made in China

AHYW  Yawei made QC12K NC Hydraulic Metal cutting shears 6mm*4m can cut 6mm carbon&mild steel plate, also you use this 4m cutting shears to cutting 3mm stainless plate, with max sheet metal cutting length 4m, Standard AHYW Sheet metal cutting shears with NC controller, operator just need to enter the target cutting stroke(back gauge) on E21S ESTUN made controller, the motorized back gauge will be positioned automatically, this metal guillotine shears back gauge can be adjusted if left&right side is not paralleled.

QC12K 6MM.jpg

Simple and compact NC metal cutting controller can complete almost metal cutting jobs

Special design metal cutting shears with servo system which you can get fast position speed and higher cutting precision, E200, DAC310, ESA 630, Cybelec Touch 6 all kinds of CNC controller are available for AHYW Sheet Metal Cutting Shears


AHYW Yawei China made QC12K NC 4mtr metal sheet hydraulic cutting shears featured ball screw and linear guide motorized back gauge, precise sheet cutting back gauge designed

 AHYW Yawei Technical Specifications of QC12K Hydraulic 6mm Metal Cutting Shearing Machine 4mtr:

AHYW QC12K Metal Sheet Cutting Shears-6mm×4000mm

Max.Cutting thickness

6mm mild steel plate cutting machine

Cutting Length


Cutting Angle

1.5 degree

X Back gauge Stroke


Stroke Times


Throat depth


Main motor power


Gross Weight




AHYW QC12K series 4mtr sheet metal cutting shearing machines Yawei made in China

Main images:

AHYW sheet metal guillotine cutting machines hydraulic hold down system to hold material before cutting action

hold down.jpg

AHYW metal hydraulic shears top quality cutting blades, 2 cutting edges for top blades and 4 cutting edges for bottom blades with swing beam shears design

Optional Variable rake vertical cutting shears design for QC11K series, 4 cutting edges for both top&bottom cutting blades



AHYW Yawei China made 8mm mild steel palte cutting shears, 4mm stainless plate sheet cutting guillotines

AHYW 4mtr mild steel hydraulic shears Yawei China manufactures

AHYW 6mm metal shears standard coming with ESTUN made E21S NC shearing controller

AHYW Hydraulic NC metal shears standard coming with ball screw&linear guide back gauge

AHYW heavy duty front sheet support for heavy cutting capacity Metal Guillotine Shears Yawei China manufactures



AHYW Yawei China made standard sheet metal guillotine hydraulic shearing machines

designed motorised auto back gauge

back gauge.jpg


Options of AHYW Sheet metal hydraulic shears:

ESTUN China mde Servo drived 2 axis controller

DELEM ESA CYBELEC Made controller

If you need any further questions or more informations for AHYW Yawei 6mm&4mtr sheet metal shearing machines, please email to export@ahycnc.com

Yawei Machine Tool is one of the best ahyw 4mtr metal hydraulic cutting machines 6mm manufacturers and suppliers in China, welcome to buy ahyw 4mtr metal hydraulic cutting machines 6mm made in China from our factory.
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