QC12Y shears safety technology and maintenance of machines

1, the operator must be familiar with the structure and properties of shearing machine. Cutting machines for the most people simultaneously, so must have a person responsible for directing the production.

Between 2, do not reach into the upper and lower blades, so as to avoid accidents.

3, all the debris, do not put on the bench to avoid rolling into the edge causing the accident.

4, you should periodically check the edge sharp, such as found in blade with a blunt, should be sharpened or replaced, sharpening of the blade just sharpened the blade thickness.

5, should regularly check shearing machine parts, and around to keep the machine clean, cable insulation is good.

6, installed in the pump suction port on the network-type oil filter should always check cleaning, keep the oil filter should be some amount of oil. If a clogged oil filter, oil volume decrease will allow pump suction, affect the pump life.

7, return cylinder pressure is low, the return cylinder can be inflated. By: remove the protective cap and air valve cap, fitted with pneumatic tools, air tools other end of the nitrogen bottle (not oxygen), open the pneumatic tool, slowly open the valve of the nitrogen bottle, pay attention to air pressure gauge. 6.0MPa at close immediately take the gas cylinder valve. Close the pneumatic tool, open the pneumatic tool, equipped with valves, protective caps.

8, return nitrogen pressure in the cylinder to check once every three months, below the stipulated pressure shall be nitrogen