Analysis Of The Bending Machine Faults And Maintenance Issues

Failure analysis of the bending machine

If the solenoid pilot valves for inlet and outlet holes clogged with sludge and other debris, closed is not strict, active cores were jammed, circuit failure, may cause the valve to normal direction. 3 should be cleaned before the pilot valve and oil and impurities of the active core. Circuit fault generally can be divided into control circuit fault and solenoid failure categories. Check the circuit before the failure should be reversing valve hand knobs to turn a few, see if the rated pressure of the reversing valve in normal direction, if normal commutation, is a circuit fault. Check, available instruments measuring the electromagnetic coil voltage, see if reaches the rated voltage if voltage is too low, further checking the control circuits for power supply and the associated switch circuit. If no at nominal voltage reversing valve reversing properly, you should check the solenoid connector (plug) is loose or contact is not true. Method is to pull the plug, measure the resistance of the coil, if the resistance is too large or too small, note solenoid is damaged and should be replaced.

CNC press brake bending solution pressure adjustment:

1, Bender calculation pressure is calculated based on the tensile strength of the plates. If your plates are not the same, as calculated, but the actual need of nature are not the same.

2, if external factors, like only a matter of bending machines, can be adjusted by two places, tensile strength but an is to adjust the system board, and second, to adjust system settings inside the DA. This problem is not necessarily completely normal, long periods of overwork, or external power supply is not stable, or machine parts increased friction can cause this behavior, some more attention to maintenance.